Saturday, 7 January 2017

A little fun!

Belated post, I'm afraid I found this in my drafts folder on blogger from a week before Christmas so I'm blogging it now because I thought it deserved to be  posted.

So Tuesday was a relax, have fun, get messy and go back to cards later today day, (I still have hand delivery cards to go).

So 10.30am arrived and I jumped in Nizzy (my car) and went to pick up Nola.
Now I knew she had bought some mini sledges and thought we would be spending the morning decorating them to hang on the tree, little did I know she had bought a couple of larger ones too

Oh joy!

 We began with a layer of blueberry paperartsy paint followed by a layer of crackle glaze then a top layer of white. We sat back had a cuppa and watched the magic happen.
I found some Xmas napkins with vintage pictures on buried deep in the depths of my craft box and so decided to decoupage them onto the sledge. They were 3ply tissues, after a few minutes spent separating the layers we tore around the image and manipulated it to fit on the project. Using soft mat gel applied thinly to the project with a finger then we gently lowered the image in place. This was smoothed over and left to dry, a layer of mat gel was  added over the top to protect and seal the image. Distress ink was added to the sled too.

I'd bought a packet of Tim Holtz skates, soooo cute, but only 6 of them or 3 pairs in a pack. This was the ideal charm to add to the project with a touch of ribbon to help secure them to and a touch more ribbon to form the rope  to steer with.

Out came the ready made flowers box and project complete.

This is my version.

This one is Nola's

Hope you like them.

Sue X


Wanderlust 2017

 Happy New Year!

It's been a busy old few months, birthdays, Christmas etc, etc, with more birthdays to come too (including my special one, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
Hopefully I'll be able to get  a few crafting moments  this month (I'm not promising though), we're  having some alterations done to the house.  This includes underpinning then building over the garage and part of the conservatory, followed by creating an additional bathroom (having a couple of daughters means many bath time battles). I'd like to have a craft room but seeing as hubbys new job means he is working from home more, me thinks the spare small bedroom will become an office, come spare bedroom (a place to  go sleep when hubby's snoring becomes overbearing).

Moving on, hubby not only bought me a wallpaper stripper for Christmas, (I did really want one) but also a subscription to an online journaling course. You may of heard of it, Wanderlust 2017 check it out here.
Obviously I can't share the content of what and how etc but here is my first page complete for week one which started on the 6th January and runs for 49 weeks, its not too late to join up if you fancy it.
Week 1 - Statement
Here are a few visual photos to help me remember how the page began.

My only problem was re-sizing the photo to load onto the gallery on Wanderlust, but thanks to an online video I found an alternative, quick easy way to change it to 600 x 800px, so apologies if my first photo file was er, too big and the wrong way round.
There's always one, normally me. LOL.
I have done art journaling before concentrating more on the art/texture and layering side, but tend not write much on the pages. So, hopefully this course will bring out the "journaling" side of the art journaling process, watch this space and we'll see how it goes.

That's all for now, happy January everyone!

Sue X

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

More Cards LOL!

I know I've just done 12 days of card making but I still need more, famous last words!
I began by making a few background, to honest I didn't want to cover them up, but in the end I did.
They were made by putting light modelling paste through a variety of masks making sure to miss areas with the paste to add interest.
Infusions powders were then sprinkled over the dried texture paste patterns and misted with water then dried, this made the most amazing backgrounds effects.
Gathered twigs distress ink was used to edge the background which were then mounted onto a card base.
Here ore a couple of cards with stamped images added.

Hope you like them.
Sue X

Monday, 12 December 2016

TCC 2016 - Day 12

Twelve Cards of Christmas 2016 - Day 12

And finally!

After lots of die cutting, inking  and layering this is my final card.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Sue X

Sunday, 11 December 2016

TCC 2016 - Day 11

Twelve Cards of Christmas 2016 - Day 11

Almost there.
Today's card took a little more time to create compared to the earlier ones. no gelli prints on this one.
 I began by stamping a Christmas background with embossing ink and heat embossing with a lovely pale blue Wow powder. Weathered wood distress ink was smooched over the card then misted lightly with water then the excess was lifted off with kitchen roll. Distress wax was used to seal the card. This was mounted onto patterned card stock to make a base to work on.
All of the other elements were die cut from watercolour card stock coloured with distress inks layered up and this is how it turned out.

Day 11 complete!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Sue X

Saturday, 10 December 2016

TCC 2016 -Day 10

Twelve Cards of Christmas 2016 - Day 10

Grumpy penguins!
need I say more.

You guessed it, gelli print background (told you there was a theme) stamped and cut out grumpy penguins ( Yes Rebecca I'm owning up, its a new stamp. Had it a couple of weeks, that's it though just the two this year.).
 A touch of texture paste for the snowflakes followed by a die cut sentiment, a little stamped grounding for them to stand on and all layered up to make day 10 card.

In the true spirit of Christmas (or should I say shopping) its two for one day!
The penguins were coloured with  distress ink used as a water colour, hope you like them.
Sue X

Friday, 9 December 2016

TCC 2016 - Day 9

Twelve Cards of Christmas 2016 - Day 9

Leftover  gilli prints were used to make a patch work background, the edges were inked   with distress ink and layered onto card to create a base for the snowman.

The snowman was stamped onto white card and his head/hat stamped onto gelli print paper, these were cut out and layered up a die cut sentiment was then added to complete the card.

Day 9 done!

Sue X

Mixed Media Fun

The 1st of December bought a number of complications with it.
  This was the day my crafting buddy and I had arrange to meet up and have a play, however,  hubby decided to book the cats in at the vets, Penny for flu injection and Tom to have a few lumps checked out, poor lad has to have a little op to have them removed in the new year.
Daughter no.1 spent night throwing up and had to have the  day off school, fortunately hubby was working from home, so that was sorted I could still go out. She spent it in bed and didn't get up until I got home. Next was a family visit to the dentist. All good there.
 Back to it.

This is what we made today.
My version.

Rebecca's version.

I'm really sorry but there are no how to photos (too busy playing), however I will be doing another and then I'll take a few snap shots.
First we decided on a theme beach huts or boats, we opted for a light house on an island, or sea breaker on a beach ( however you want to see it).
 A large lollipop stick was cut in half and painted in chosen colours then sealed with a touch of Matt medium.
We began by using 2 layers of fabric laid over the inner ring of the embroidery hoop to create a base to work on, using layers of lace ribbon and threads we built up the ocean foreground. The lace etc was saturated in sculpture medium and twisted into place to create movement, once all of the fabric layers were in place the top hoop was lowered into place and tightened, the light house was glued in position with a blob of 3D gel  medium, this was then heat set which hardened the structure paste.
Light paste was used through a stencil to add texture to the sky line.
Paperartsy paint was used to colour the piece, adding white to give the impression of waves and sea foam. Shells were glued using 3D gel along with art stones, (now known as kitty litter! Rebecca you know why).  Small Tilda sequins were pushed into the gel and stones randomly to add yet another visible embellishment.
That's where we got to, crafting buddy Rebecca was then given strict instructions to sit and finish it.
I had to wait for hubby to finish his work off before I could do mine. I added a seahorse charm  which I found whilst rummaging for a metal birdcage to make the lighthouse top. I used my Tim Holtz scissors to disassemble the cage by cutting out the middle section with the bird in, this was glued into position with glossey accents which hopefully gave the effect of glass.
Mini glass beads in pale blue also added a visual bit o bling, its still lacking a little something but I will sit and look at it and maybe something will jump out at me.

That's it for now. Hope you agree that they are both fab so far.

Sue X

TTC - Day 1 Revisited

So, you know when you've made something and you know you don't really like what you have done or, it somehow doesn't seem finished.
Well that's how I felt about these two cards.
And so, I  changed them slightly, I am now a little happier sending them out.
Here is how they turned out.
From this.

Hope you agree they look better.
Sue X

Thursday, 8 December 2016

TCC 2016 -Day 8

Twelve Cards of Christmas 2016 - Day 8

What can I say gelli print background, stamped stiches and die cuts.

All layered up to make a quick easy card.

Day 8 complete!

Sue X