Wednesday, 28 September 2016

SDC258 - Favourite Quote

This weeks challenge over at Stampotique is, "Favourite Quote".
To be exact.
"What is your favourite quote of all time. Be it funny, inspirational or religious, let's see your favourite quote this week."

Ummmm! I don't really have a favourite quote, I did buy a set of scrapbooking stamps a while ago and chose to use one of those quotes to stamp on my journal page.

Talking about journals, I'd bought a denim journal by Prima on impulse and when I got it home didn't really know what to do with it, it went into the bin and then out again and in again then out, again.

I wanted to use it, really use it, carry it around without getting embellishments caught everywhere  so decided on just stamping and painting the cover. I also manipulated the journal cover and it now is an 8"x8", the inside has a larger pocket which started life as a pair of jeans and a few other tweaks.

Back to the  journal page. Using  8"x8" mixed media paper and a giant A4 stamp I pressed different distress ink onto the stamp then misted it with water, this was stamped on to the media paper which smooched onto the page.
The image was lightly misted again to help blend the colours.
Additional stamping was added in cornflower blue and purple archival ink.
Grey distress ink was used over a Tim H mask to produce the square effect in the background and the inks edged in black soot.
My new stamp which arrived while I was in Florida has finally been used, Yeah!!!!!!
It was stamped onto mixed media card stock and also onto tiles which were arranged to create gaps for added interest.
The tiles were inked with block soot distress ink to take away the plainness.
Both the tiles and the image were coloured with distress ink, once dry the paper image was glued into position and then the tiles were stuck down over the top.

And that is it, hope you like my project for this weeks challenge. If you would like to see more inspiration check out the Stampotique blog here.

Sue X

Play Day Tuesday

Its been quite a while since I've had a Tuesday play day,  so with the girls back at school for a little while I thought it was about time my sister in law and I attempted to get the creating juices flowing.

We started with mixed media paper/card and added dylusions paints in random blocks, this was stencilled on various patterns and designs followed by stamping.
The next part really upset Nola, the look of horror crossed her face when I said to her choose one of my home made masks place it on your paper and paint black all over it.
To complete the pages doodling was added to the black areas.

There was some resistance, however, when the project was complete she was well happy and was going off home to do more.

Unfortunately didn't take any photos during the process, but, these are my almost finished pages.

The masks were made by cutting images from a Sunday magazine many moons ago, these was placed on clear acetate drawn around and carefully cut out with a craft knife to produce two versions (an inner and outer). The edges were sanded to smooth down the sharpe bits.

Hope you like them.

Sue X

Friday, 23 September 2016

SDC257 -Put a Bug on it - Week 2

Put A Bug On It
So here we are week 2 of the current challenge  over on the Stampotique blog, this was our inspirational text.
"Add a bug to your project.. creepy, crawly, flying, any bug at all. Get creative too!!"

Now, not wanting to follow the usual path of making a card (not really a card maker), I decided to make a project for Halloween.
With that in mind I had bought some Prima plaster shapes/skulls a while back and thought this was an ideal place to start.
Ummmm!!! This is what happens when you leave your phone lying around on a table, little people take selfies!!!
Back to the matter at hand take 1 skull and make it a body from tin foil. 
Take fabric stiffening medium and lengths of t-shirt fabric to wrap around the mummy and leave to dry. 
One hard wood canvas type painting board thingy, (sorry forgot what its called, brain jam). Painted slate grey and stamped with rust like dots to create interest.
Took me a while to make this photo out, its the box thingy and the stamp. A rusty wash was applied to  the box and left to dry.
Various stamps were stamped onto acetate, spiders, webs, words and a house. The house was also stamped onto white card and coloured with old paper distress ink along with the skulls from the Halloween cube, the edges were distressed with black soot. The mummy was dry brushed with slate grey and caramel paints to age them. The other element is half of a book I had created a niche in, this was given a rusty wash and stamped in the same fashion as the box and inked with distress ink around the outside edges.
The stamped elements were layered together, placing the card house under the acetate house intensified the black stamping and allowed the tree to be transparent as this had been cut out along with flying bats.  
The other elements were layered together using the solid skulls to hide the gluing down of the acetate.

 Well, that's my project complete for this week hope you like it, for lots more inspiration hop on over to the Stampotique blog here.
Sue X


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Poor neglected blog!

Poor Neglected Blog!

SDC256 - Mail Art

Well not really, just been on holiday to Disney in Florida, with a touch of  Seaworld and Universal Studios thrown in whilst avoiding tropical storms and sunburn.

Anyhow that said, girls are back at school, plans for house extension have been passed and we are now looking for a builder. So far the quotes we have had are insane and are more than our first house cost!

Anyone in the West Midlands know any decent builders?

Anyhow, change of subject, "I've missed crafting". I have missed six weeks plus and need a fix I did try yesterday (Monday) but as I sat prepared, mat out cuppa in hand I just froze!

I'd had an idea when I first read that the SDC challenge was mail art, mmmm, mail, recycling used envelopes.  Then I remembered I'd had a clean out and all the interesting used envelopes I saved for erm, years, had been put in the recycling, bother!

So now it's Tuesday and having collected a few envelopes (distinct lack of post when you want it),
I began my challenge. This is how it turned out.

This is how it began, used envelopes and a great stamp!
Oh and of cause a new envelope to be decorated.
Unfortunately the pattern on the inside of the used envelopes isn't visible on the screen, the houses were stamped several times and coloured with watercolour pencils. Then the edges of all the pieces were distressed in black soot.
Everything was glued into position, at this stage I felt the sky needed colour too. Out came the gelato's in yellow, orange and blue,  A small amount was added  then smudged with my finger tip,  this gave the impression of a sunset.
Still looking as if something was missing a dot dash pattern was added to the edges.
There you have it, challenge complete but only just, for more inspiration hop on over to the Stampotique blog here.
Sue X

Friday, 29 July 2016

SDC253 - Beach or Sea

SDC253- Beach or Sea
Soooooo, it's been a long few days.
 The girls are at home for six weeks solid as the summer holidays are well under way and already they are bored!
Moving swiftly on the new challenge over at Stampotique was set, beach  or sea! This is what the team at Stampotique had to say.
"The beach is always such a fun and relaxing place to be. Whether its sun or just fun in the sand and surf, lets see your best beach themed projects this week".
With this in mind my project is a sort of "tile" I guess, my inspiration being a sandy beach.
What do you find lots of on a beach?
Sand, pebbles and shells so I've made a mini sand sculpture. (Just in case you can't tell).

 I began by rolling a ball of paper clay and flattening it into a circular  shape with a brayer to provide a nice flat surface to stamp my head into.
Prior to stamping I used an anti static power bag to dry the surface of the stamp and ensure an easier release.
This is what my sand sculpture should resemble (ish).
A shell was added and pressed into the paper clay image while still damp then left to dry out.  A layer of texture powder was added all over using soft gel medium on the tile to create a sandy effect followed by various sized art stones infilling the stamped area to create the hair and other features.
Distress re-inkers added shading and tones of brown (sandiness).
Its actually a lot darker in real life. More shells were added around the rim of the tile.
There you have it something a little different and well, odd, I may revisit it and do a little more but for now I'm out of time and energy.
 For lots more inspiration hop on over to the Stampotique blog here and also check out the great new stamps available.
 Sue X

Saturday, 16 July 2016

SDC252 - Party

SDC252 - Party 

It's all change over at Stampotique, a new design team and a replacement fortnightly challenge which you can enter twice, hopefully I can manage at least one entry.
I decided on a journal page which I've called, "Party Animals".
The page was inspired by an unfinished, ink sprayed page which I came across while deciding where to use some leftover texture paste. It's  colours were bold and party like and had masked images and text which I knew I wanted to use.
While waiting for the paste to dry I stamped multiple dogs and party hats onto watercolour paper. These were cut out and coloured with distress ink (as a watercolour).
Some of the hats were turned upside down to create bunting.
The top edge of a paper pad had also been sprayed and I decided to use this as a grounding for my dogs, a title was added along with a black smudged outline to make the dogs stand out.
The page was assembled and my Party Animals page was complete.
A few close ups.

I hope you like it.
 Hop on over to the Stampotique blog to see loads of inspiration and ideas from the new design team.

Sue X

Friday, 15 July 2016

Washed Up (Not)

Washed Up (Not)!

A little while ago I made a canvas called Washed up! I needed to do another, the same but different.

My sister in law, Nola,  meets up with a group of ladies on a Sunday morning once a month and I managed to get an invite on the condition I take something for them to do, lol, I'm in demand.

 I have a few canvas's' around the house as I buy them in bulk so all I had to do was put a few extra bits and pieces, shells, etc together. We pretty much followed what I  had done  on that post, go here if you would like to read about it.

Anyhow, I went along part of the way with them and then took another path, adding a flowers instead (sorry Rebecca) to make a canvas card, a card and gift in one. 
 Attach a card blank to the back of a box canvas and hey presto canvas card.
 Here is my finished project.

And a close up.

Sue X

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Washed Up!

Washed Up

A few days ago (its now been a couple of weeks, I'm a tad behind with posting) I cut open a canvas, wanting to create an explosion of something erupting out of the centre.
Very rarely does my artwork replicate what I image and this was one such piece
My working mind set changed and went in a different direction this is how it ended up.

Being summer (we'll sort of) I decided on a sandy, almost beach like theme. Having  purchased art stones from various companies I thought it would be a good idea to blow the dust off them and include them on a project.
As I said I cut into the canvas 6x6" distress the edges then folded them  down gluing them in position. Grey board was used to create the inner platform on which to build  the piece.

This was all painted with white gesso ( I stayed away from black for a change) art stones were added at the corners and then I went about finding embellishments 'n' bits to decorate the piece.

After hunting down a few things I pulled apart a piece of cheese cloth and lay it in the opening I thought it could resemble fishing net. A length of sisal type shredded rope was twisted around a piece of wire and twisted even more to replicate an old worn out bit of you guessed it, rope.
This was placed on the top of the cheese cloth both of which were glued into position.
Texture paste was added to the area surrounding the torn canvas and work began on the inside while it was drying.
A miniature bottle was filed with beads, a paper clay frame was cut and added along with a few shells and metal embellishments these were stuck into position.  Massive art stones from powertex, medium and small prima art stones were added around the items to give the impression of treasures half buried in sand an washed up on a beach.  The piece was given a coat of white gesso (not the bottle) to make an even base coat.
Once this was all dry Lindys sprays added the colours sort of sea, sand beach like.
Treasure gold added a few zingy highlights along with more touches of white gesso.
Blue beads added at the last moment to give a watery impression. Oh A few more small shells too just to finish off.

Here are a few close ups.

Hope you like it.

Sue X

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tuesday Fun

Tuesday Fun
It's Tuesday again, less than two weeks and the girls will be at home for six weeks solid.

This will be my last official crafting Tuesday with sister-in-law Nola for seven to eight weeks, even then I'm not sure when we'll be able to squeeze in a session as hopefully we will have the builder's in.
Now, I would like to say I'm having  a lovely huge craft room built but alas no!  We are going over the garage to add a bedroom for Georgie, she has the box room and if her feet grow anymore she will not get in there. (Sorry G).  We are also having an extra bathroom, two girls one bathroom need I say more.

Anyhow this is what we made today!

This one is mine.

This one is Nola's.

I'm sure you'll agree they are both fab and who would have thought they began life like this.
A paperback book had the cover removed and was divided into two sections.
The book halves then had an aperture cut into them,  the edges were glued together and held tightly with bull dog clips until set. (greaseproof paper  was placed between the clip and book so
as not to damage the pages).
Both clear gesso and white gesso was added to the pages so that part became translucent and part was semi translucent.
Sorry no photos got carried away with making it.
Next we added texture paste with a variety of mediums mixed in (fine art stones, infusions powders)  through a couple of masks.
The edges were inked along with the centre of the aperture with brown distress ink then misted with water and lifted off almost immediately to reveal a mottled effect.
The bird cage and birds were heat embossed with white embossing powder.
Wire was twisted to form the tree branch, using 3d medium this was glued into position. Green moss was added  to create the foliage along with a few small flowers to give the impression of blossom.
The birdcage had a piece of thread attached to the top and this was glued onto the project to give the look of a hanging cage,  the birds were glued into position and the project was complete.
Not bad for a spur of the moment project.
Sue X

Thursday, 30 June 2016

SDC251 - Black and White Only

SDC251 - Black and White Only
 Nellie van Leeuwin is our hostess this week over at Stampotique, she is challenging us to use Black and White only. Here is what she says about it.
"I challenge you to use only black and white in your project this week. So there you have it, let's play with only black and white! What a challenge this will be."
I initially thought OMG but then I saw my daughters converse and I remembered I had a stamp that would be perfect for this project.


Take one piece of smooth watercolour paper/cardstock, using Black versafine ink stamp shoes (once onto the watercolour paper and then again onto scrap paper and cut out to create a mask.
Place the mask over the stamped image and stamp a grounding.
Black soot distress ink was then used with an alphabet/numeric mask to add interest to the card. this was then edged with black ink and a sentiment added.
One black and white card!

To see more black and white inspiration hop on over to the Stampotique blog here.

A short post  but at least I managed an entry this week.

Sue X